Nuclear Rune demo 20.10.2019

Updated hero unlock and upgrade systems, improved UI, abilities are more responsive, plus many other updates. Full patch notes below.


Rewards & unlock progression

Encounters once again reward gold and experience when cleared.

Added hero unlocking system, where Gold which is used to purchase/recruit new heroes.

Added class level / upgrade system

  • Experience is used to upgrade classes
  • Heroes are divided into three classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage
  • Leveling up a class unlocks new abilities for all heroes of that class



Removed global cooldown between basic attacks and skills to make the heroes feel more responsive.

Reduced or removed cooldown from several abilities, and adjusted mana costs so skill use is mostly limited by mana instead of cooldowns. Also increased mana regen rate.

Reduced cast time of some basic attacks.

Heroes have fewer skills at start, and total number of skills per hero also reduced.

2h warrior

Bouncing Glaive (New) – throw a glaive which bounces, hitting up to 5 enemies and slowing them

Fire Mage:

Immolate (New) – set enemies in an area on fire for heavy damage over time. Fast cast.


Boring Shot (new) – fire a shot which hits a single target up to 10 times. If the first target dies, the remaining are are dealt to a nearby target.


Heroes now have a color by their selection index (e.g. 1 = red, 2 = green, 3 = blue etc.). This color is shown on the health bars on left side of screen, as well as on the small health bar in the world.

The selection ID for each hero is shown on the small health bar, and selection status is shown more clearly.

Action targeting

  • Added visual indicator for when order is issued
  • Added floating text to tell what happened (queued / canceled)

Fixed issue where action targeting would remain active after encounter, causing trouble.

Tooltip box no longer fades in, cos it didn’t look good with tooltips using rich text colors.

Order issued indicator

  • Stronger visual effect near order marker
  • Text at cursor position on queue/cancel
  • Selfcast – add much bigger/clearer indicator

Health and mana bars now have a highlight at the right end to see current value easier

Mana bar now has an indicator for the lowest mana cost required to cast something. Also the bar background is a purple while mana is below that threshold.


Camera no longer slows when looking far away from heroes, and, it can’t be moved far away from the map anymore.

Encounter modifiers (not used in demo)

Encounters can now have modifiers, inspired by SC2 coop mutations.

E.g. all enemies get large speed boost, everyone gets critically hit easier, etc.

Slush 2018

Slush 2018 was cool. First time for me, got to see plenty of great presentations and to visit stands of many interesting startups. The event has style, that’s for certain.

Image from a video made by Sanoma’s stand.